American vs British English

What are the differences between American and British English? Differences range from vocabulary (U.S. truck, elevator vs U.K. lorry, lift) to phonetics (the R at the end of a word is sounded, while the A of cast, past sounds more like that of bad, man), including intonation. Standard American English sounds ‘monotonous’ when compared to British English, with fewer voice pitches and glottal stops, but Ts are often sounded as flaps, making it harder to tell the the difference between a T and a D, or even their presence in a word to an untrained ear (Clinton may sound like ‘clinnen’, battle like ‘badal’). Its standard is based on the English heard in Middle Western states, but the English found in much of New England sounds more British than the rest of the U.S. This PDF compares British and American words, with the British word and its American translation.


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