Role Playing

These are simple games you can play in class without books, cards or reading. You can just play, as with a ball, act, sing, without using any special tools – just a couple of nifty hints from your teachers and some help from your classmates!

In questa pagina ci sono giochi semplici e divertenti per imparare giocando senza bisogno di libri, flashcards o materiale di inglese, solo alcune semplici istruzioni come quando ci si passa la palla, si recita una scenetta nei giochi di ruolo, un altro modo divertente per imparare!

1. Chinese Whispers / Il telefono senza fili

 2.A Hero to Remember

3.Fun Identity Cards

4.Murder at Mansion House

5.Split Exchanges

6.Mixed Sets

7. Who Moves First

8.Better Stop Short Than Fill the Top

9.Running the Risk

 6. Word for Word (from Drama Techniques in Language Learning by Alan Malay and Alan Duff.)

– Students get into large groups depending on the class size.

– One person from the group starts by saying a word, i.e. shop.

– The next person on the right has to say a word that goes with this word, i.e. shop, street.

– The next person continues in the same way, i.e. shop, street, car.

Keep going and see how many words you are able to generate.

7. Back to Back

– Students are asked to walk around the room looking at each other noticing as much detail as possible.

– After a few minutes you stop them and tell them to stand back to back with the nearest person.

– Now the partners take it interns to describe the other, without turning round. Each partner can ask for more clarification of they want.

– When finished they can turn around and check how accurate they were.

This task can be changed by getting the students to study the room they are in, or the view outside the window. One partner then describes the room with their eyes shut. The other can help and ask for clarification. Now change the roles with the other student closing their eyes. But instead of asking them to describe the room or something ask them to describe the other person’s appearance.







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