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Order one of our Educational Board Games and take your students on a roller-coaster of a ride through British Culture!

1. Race to the Pole with Captain Scott: Have your students travel with the legendary Antarctic explorer on his Terra Nova Expedition of 1910. 

2. Blitzed!: See if your students can  survive the bombs of World War II in London.

3. Buckingham Pants: See if your students can escape from the palace guards and the British secret service as they learn all about the Royal Family.

4. Around the World with Sir Francis Drake (1577-1580)Travel with your students with the famous sea captain and privateer fighting the Spanish and making history in the process.

5. The Health Exam Are you eating well? Do you have a healthy life? Find out and share the results with your friends.

6. The Topical Quiz 1 Do you know Britain? Learn the important facts!

The traditional board game format has been revamped to become a teaching medium for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Try our free games  1. English School    2. Exchange Student

This format:

Sir Francis Drake Board Game

Sir Francis Drake Board Game

For Teachers

– Allows the teacher the freedom to step back and guide the groups through the task
– Provides the teacher with a ready-made package that guides and supports you from the start
– Links to online quizzes and videos in order to set-up, review and further investigate the topic
– Presents fundamental moments of British culture in a vibrant, curious and fun way that could
otherwise so easily imply a somewhat strenuous task
– Inspires class project work




For Students

–  Encourages your students to collaborate together in a ‘hands-on’ setting

–  Gives the students greater liberty and independence in discovering lexis and cultural facets of British culture

–  Puts life back into the fundamental moments of British culture, without overload

–  Inspires their imagination

–  Provides online support, including quizzes, articles and videos for your students to try either together or alone 

Experience tells us that these games can also be used by teachers of mother tongue English students who are looking to approach crucial events of British culture in a fun and collaborative way.

Buckingham Pants

Buckingham Pants creates thematic Board Games for English language learning environments.  Our aim is to put the culture back into learning the English language, providing a package that is ready for ESL teachers to use in their classrooms.

Race to the Pole Part 1

Race to the Pole Part 1

Watch our videos and read the articles that accompany our Captain Scott Board Game and our Sir Francis Drake Game

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