Reading Comprehensions

Leggi, ascolta, impara…

1. Plymouth and its hero, Captain Robert Falcon Scott Level: B1 and up

2. The Scott memorial, Devonport Level B2

3. Apsley Cherry-Garrard on Captain Scott and Roald Amundsen Level C2

4. Dorando Pietri: An English Affair  Level: A2 and up

5.  The significance of Dorando Pietri Level C1

6. Tom Longboat: The Fastest Distance Runner Level A2

7. The Arandora Star  Level B1

8. A trip into the West Country Journey with your students on a tour of some of the most interesting historical sights of this part of Britain. Level: from B1 and up

9. From Cambridge to Brindisi

10. Go Away! B1

11. Maradona works the miracle  Level C1

12. Standard English is a Dialect B1/2

13. A Sightseeing Chat B1/2

14. Avebury B1/2

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