English Idioms

English Idioms is the place where skies have Blue Moons, people have butterflies in their stomach, and you can cross your bridge before you have come to it

A blue moon means “something absurd, improbable”. Because a blue moon is a rare event. Only recently, since the 1940s has “blue moon” come to signify the second moon in a month because of a popular a popular belief spread by The Maine Almanac in 1937. The blue coloration is given by volcanic ash other suspended particles so remember: never take an IDIOM at face value, let alone the moon!

Want to have a HEAD START with idioms (espressioni idiomatiche) ? Then it is ABOUT TIME we did. We divided idioms into categories so do not SCREAM BLUE MURDER if you see just a few. Our idioms are used in everyday conversation, others are not, so we made a selection for you!

1. BODY IDIOMS (espressioni idiomatiche sulle parti del corpo)

2. COLOR IDIOMS (espressioni idiomatiche sui colori

3. RELATIONS IDIOMS (espressioni idiomatiche sulle relazioni umane)

4. TIME IDIOMS (espressioni idiomatiche con espressioni di tempo)





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