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Our reporter, Simon.

Our English Correspondent, Simon.






Take a look at our videos that are here and on our dedicated YOUTUBE CHANNEL not only to help you improve your English  but also to investigate something about the British culture. We’ve tried to take you off the beaten track and into areas of the country you may not know too much about. Anyway, sit back and enjoy!

 1. Sir Francis Drake Series  3-part series on Britain’s favourite pirate. Watch our three episodes as we go in search for the most notorious sea captain of the Elizabethan period who literally terrorized the Spanish right around the globe. Instead of a biography, we go to his hometown of Plymouth in Devon to see what remains of Drake’s world there. You’ll be surprised how much we found.

2. In search of Captain Scott Series  Another Plymothian hero is the most famous Antarctic explorer, Robert Falcon Scott. We explore his hometown for anything that connects us to the great man, from the grounds of his home all the way to the dramatic and imposing monument that was erected to his memory.

A side streeet of Plymouth

A side street of Plymouth

3. With so much history to film we dedicated this video to the City of Plymouth itself (ideal for low levels ad this one for students of a higher level.

4. Following our work on Scott we can also propose two short videos on the fellow Antarctic explorer and writer: Apsley Cherry-Garrard.

5. Learn about  Fred Davies, who also sailed with Scott.

6. Likewise we have a look at the contribution Irishman Patrick Keohane had on the Exhibition in this video dedicated to the great man.

Scott Memorial

Scott Memorial

7. Take a look at our video on the unique village of Cockington near Torquay.

8. We stay in Devon with a visit to Sheepstor on Dartmoor National Park.

9. Enjoy our search for the Pilgrim Fathers. Here we offer you some beautiful images of the city of Leiden in Holland – a temporary sanctuary for the puritan community in Europe.

10. The Roman city of St. Albans


Leiden, Holland

Leiden, Holland

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